How you can be resilient at the workplace

Resilience at the workplace

“Resilience is the capacity to recover from adversity. Resilience is good, extreme resilience is even better. It is when you bounce back so quickly, that someone outside cannot even see that you have been brought down.” – Srikumar Rao, Speaker, Author, Former Business School Professor 

With the world around us getting more demanding and pressures mounting, we tend to cave under it all. The same story trickles at the workplace as well. It not only interferes with the performance levels but also distorts the equilibrium of the entire life as such. But the one thing that can cut through it all and make you rise above is the power of resilience. Here we throw light upon how you can tap into this game-changing approach.

Resilience and its power

In simple terms, resilience is the ability to bounce back from a challenging and unfavourable situation. Having this quality is extremely powerful as it gives the ownership in your hands rather than external forces.

While there are people who have an inherent leaning towards this, the good news is that this trait can be developed too. In their book ‘Resilience at Work: How to Succeed No Matter What Life’ authors Salvatore R. Maddi, ‎Deborah M. Khoshaba mention, “Luckily, resilience is not just an ability one is born with, but something anyone can learn and improve. With more than twenty years of hardiness research and practice, we have shown that, if you want to thrive in the twenty-first century, you need to have internal hardiness resources to manage workplace stress.”  

Importance of resilience at the workplace

The workplace undoubtedly can be the breeding ground for things to go out of hand and bringing in stressful situations. The endless hours, strict deadlines, performance issues, colleague rivalry can all contribute to challenging times.

In a report collected by ADP, it was found that around 7 out of 10 professionals suffer from stress at least once a week. One of the reasons was the lack of work-life balance and putting in extra non-paid hours. As per a recent LinkedIn report as well, a major chunk of the workforce undergo stress because of the workload, fear of losing their jobs and office politics. That coupled with uncertain times and changes in processes can all get too overwhelming.

Needless to say, resilience becomes an important factor to steer through and be successful in any workplace or environment. It’s that secret weapon that can drive results no matter where you are. As an employer, the resilience of your employees can be one of the driving factors for the productivity and growth of your company.

How you can be resilient at the workplace

Certain approaches that can enable you to become resilient and do wonders at your workplace.

The three Cs (commitment, control and challenge)

In their book, authors Salvatore and ‎Deborah talk about hardiness and how it is connected to commitment, control and challenge. “Hardiness is a particular pattern of attitudes and skills that helps you to be resilient by surviving and thriving under stress. The 3cs amount to the courage and motivation to do the hard but important work of using stressful circumstances to your advantage.”

If you are committed and involved in your work rather than running away from the situation, keep pushing the boundaries to control and influence the outcome as well as figure out ways in which you and others can grow and take this situation in a positive direction, you will be leaps and bounds ahead of the workforce pack.


One of the approaches that can help you sustain and bounce back is having a clear purpose drawn in your mind. It is this purpose that will fuel the fire and help you overcome the immediate obstacles to reach the long term goal. Make sure you have one that truly resonates with you as it is then that you can stick to it. It can be anything such as building something of your own in the future, climbing up the corporate ladder or being the best at what you do.

Positive outlook

Keeping a positive outlook automatically eliminates all the lower emotions that can plague the mind and come in the way of productivity. When you are not sucked into a negative state of mind, suspicious of everything that is happening around or buckling under pressure, there is lot of ground to do things the right way.

You are more of a team player and most importantly in a happy state of mind while working. This is bound to reflect in the performance levels as well. Looking at the sunny side up can also help in moving on and be more accepting to change, be it a change in the department or job as a whole.

Supportive network

There is evidence to suggest that those who have a supporting network tend to be more resilient. They are in a better position to come out of a stressful situation and face disappointments. The right people also act as a stress buster and breather from unfavourable times. Try to build your network of an army, in your team and across other teams. This comradery can also smoothen the workflow process. Cherish the time spent with family members and close friends as well.   

Work-life balance

Having the right balance of work and life is one of the main things that will stop you from getting burnout from all the workload and stress around. It also gives that breather to come back refreshed, energised and in full form. While work can take a major chunk, treasuring the time that you get to spend with your dear ones and yourself can once again put you in a happy and content state of mind.

Being aware and active

Mindfulness is another powerful tool to be resilient. When your attention is directed towards the present and you act in accordance with that, there is little space left to tap into negative emotions. It is a sign of a healthy mind and a productive person. You also get to savour the moment.

Fostering a resilient environment

If you are a manager or a person of authority, you can help foster resilience. This will only strengthen the team, nurture a positive atmosphere, reduce attrition rates and shoot up the performance. Preparing the team beforehand, motivating them from time to time and ensuring a positive interaction between the members would make a world of difference. You can also initiate group training from professionals for the same.

Think of resilience as that magic beans in your pocket. With this powerful tool, you can not only bounce back from the most unsavoury situations but also be the architect of your success and happiness.

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