How to improve resilience in the workplace?

How to improve resilience in the workplace?

With the pandemic bringing a new definition to uncertain times and job losses running in lakhs, your company needs to be stronger than ever. Imbibing the power of resilience in your employees where they can bounce back from any negative situation will defiantly help in steering through the choppy waters and emerging successful. Here, we focus on what you as a manager or top-level executive do to make a difference.  

Watch out for signs

Before starting, it is very important to be aware of what is happening in your team and watch out for signs that can hamper the balance of the workplace. Negativity, burnout, depression, anxiety, hostility, lower productivity and absenteeism are all red flags that can bring about a destructive impact to the individual as well as the company. Timely surveys and talks with the HR and managers can give an understanding and keep things in check. 

Ways to improve resilience in the workplace

Here are some tips on how you can foster a productive atmosphere and improve resilience in your team…

#1 Exercise mindfulness with the employees

Mindfulness has time and again proved to be a very powerful technique to overcome mental issues and practice resilience. It puts you in a state of focus and can drastically improve productivity. Cognitive neuroscientists Peter Malinowski and Adam Moore have found that mindfulness can improve cognitive flexibility. It has also been proven to enable judgement accuracy, problem-solving skills and overall job performance.

Cultivating awareness and bringing attention to the present is an impactful method. You can also practice quick mindfulness techniques with your employees at the beginning of the day. Onsite training and webinars where employees are educated can truly help as well.

Exercise mindfulness with the employees

#2 Share the load rather than multitasking

With many employees losing their jobs due to the tough times, it is expected that one individual takes on the burden of others as well. While multitasking might appear like you are increasing productivity and saving money, it might backfire in the long run. As per American Psychological Association, context switching wherein you change one task to another one can bring down the workforce productivity to 40 %.

Instead of making your employee a part of many different projects, it would be wise to allow them the opportunity to hone their craft in specific ones. In case this is inevitable, you can adopt smart techniques like time-boxing where fixed predefined time is allocated for activities to take place. This can also bring in a work-life balance.

Focus on mental health

#3 Focus on mental health

Just like a healthy body gives one the resistance to fight off physical diseases and ailments, a healthy mind can overcome various obstacles that have been laden on the way. Anxiety, depression and stress seem to be a longtime issue in the workplace.

In a study conducted in 2016 among 6000 employees across cities in India, a whopping 80 % of them showcased symptoms of anxiety and 55 % had symptoms of depression. All of this has only escalated in the pandemic situation. As per a survey conducted by The7thFold, 36% of Indian employees were plagued with mental health issues whereas 50% were concerned about an uncertain future due to the covid pandemic. This was the number one stress point, others being personal finances and career growth.

Having a workplace environment where employees are allowed to address their grief and issues can help combat this to an extent. The ideal situation would be to tie up with professional counsellors or companies that expertly address mental issues. 

#4 Nurturing a positive workplace atmosphere

As a manager and senior-level person, you can’t just shake a wand and make all the stress factors disappear. Nurturing a positive atmosphere can help neutralise it and make the individual look forward to the workplace.

Chris White who leads the University of Michigan’s Center for Positive Organization, throws light on about 3 ways to create a work culture that brings out the best in employees. As per him, unblocking communication, become responsive and aiming higher with your employees are powerful tools to bring a positive change in the workplace atmosphere. Open the doors of communication and make a change if necessary. Challenging your employees with motivation rather than creating stressful situation is another game changer.

#5 Providing proper training 

When your employee is not equipped with the skills to carry out the task given, it is no doubt that he or she will undergo immense stress and dilemma. Giving the proper and required training and setting the expectations of what needs to be done can shift the gears in a positive direction. While hiring itself, ensure that the individual is suitable for role assigned. A peer group that is supportive and attends to queries also makes the employee feel at ease.

Along with the skill set training, try to incorporate a seminar or webinar on resilience training as well.

Reduce stress through mindfulness pratices.

#6 Reduce stress

Stress can be the number one factor of things turning hostile and employees quitting the company. Conduct surveys from time to time to understand what is going on with your team. Having a collaborative team, encouraging team bonding and frequent breaks for employees to recuperate can make a positive difference. 

With proper training, nurturing a positive environment and focusing on mental agility, you can empower your team as well company for a bright and successful future.

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