6 Signs That Therapy Is Working for You.

There has been awareness about how important it is to address mental health issues. If you have taken the step of finally seeing a therapist, congratulations! But how do you know if your therapy is working, and it is worth the time and effort? Here are six signs that you should watch out for…

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As per the study of the American Psychological Association on the resolution of psychotherapy effectiveness, it was observed that psychotherapy is helpful for a range of mental and behavioral health issues and covers a range of population groups. The effective results are more than that of several medical treatments. It was found to decrease disability, morbidity, and mortality and enhance work functioning. The life skills learnt during the session often last beyond the course of the treatment. 

Studies have proved that effective therapy can lead to happier, healthier, and more productive people. Many prefer psychotherapy as compared to medications. These days, there are also reputed online mental health counseling options that you can avail of from the comfort of your home. 

Watch out for these six signs to know if your therapy is working. 

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  1. You start looking forward to your appointments 

One of the initial signs that your therapy is working is when you start looking forward to your appointments. There is no set time as to when this will happen as it depends upon the situation you are dealing with and the nature of therapy. Many seem to find a difference in the early stages of their therapy where there is a shift in their symptoms.

Do you find yourself feeling comforted about going to therapy and making plans to ensure that it does not get skipped? The treatment has started to take a positive effect on you.

2. Self-care takes precedence 

Among the indicators of becoming better is when you start taking care and paying attention to yourself. It does not have to be something very big, but just the little things like exercising or booking regular parlor appointments. All of this further leads you to look better and feel better.   

3. There is a shift in your mood for the better 

Another clear indication of fruitful therapy is when you observe that there has been a shift in your mood as compared to before. There is a bounce in your step, and you seem to be feeling better. It does not necessarily have to be all jolly, changes can be slow, steady, and minor at the beginning.

What was the purpose of seeking therapy? Was it to manage work crisis? Were you going through anxiety or depression? Make a note if any of the symptoms have reduced. You can also journal your experiences to have a better understanding.

Self-care takes precedence is a sign that therapy is working for you. www.bouncbk.com

4. There is a difference in your approach towards life  

Along with your mood, there is a change in your thought process. Instead of living in fear or anxiety, you are thinking less negative and destructive thoughts. There is a focus on the present rather than the past or future. You seem to become more realistic and get into the action mode and work towards attaining your goal. 

5. There is less conflict in your life 

When you start imbibing the teachings learnt during the sessions, you will notice that the conflicts in your life have reduced. Be it personal, with others, or situations. It is not that everything around has changed, it’s the way you deal with circumstances that have altered. You find yourself taking charge of what is happening instead of playing the victim. There is a sense of responsibility for your actions. All of this leads to a smoother journey. 

Life is good with less conflict is a yet another sign that therapy is working for you. www.bouncbk.com

6. People around you notice the change  

Therapy not only helps you but also those in your personal and professional circle. As your mood, thought and behavioral patterns change, you go about your life in a different way and others will start sensing it too. Your relationships with others will get smoother and stronger. In nothing else, they will be less painful than before. 

To sum it up, if you have observed a positive shift in your mood, thoughts, and behavioral patterns and have a more realistic outlook towards life with lesser conflicts, your therapy has been working. Don’t be too impatient for the results though, just like anything in life, give it time to show the results. 

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  1. Simple, clear and on point. One of the best I’ve read on mental health awareness and therapy. All of the 6 points are clear indicators for progress and our well being. India needs education and awareness on mental health like the author has covered in this article. Absolutely top notch. ‘Let’s keep talking’

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